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Wax Ribbon

A thermal wax ribbon which uses wax based ink, suitable for paper standard labeling applications which are not subject to harsh conditions.

We are the professional coating and slitting factory of wax ribbon in China. Wax ribbon is our superior product.The properties of our wax ribbon has catched up or even superpass advanced world levels.If you want to find a good performance wax ribbon with competitive price to expand the market or keep your market position,our products are the ideal choice for you.

In order to meet our clients' brand preferance,zero defects requirement,we also imported wax jumbo rolls from ITW,Fuji...We have relationship with the best jumbo roll suppliers.Our slitted rolls have smooth end surface,good packing.OEM service and customed packaing are available.

wax ribbon Wax ribbon--Common wax ribbon GW101
wax ribbon GW101 is a general purpose wax ribbon which gives excellent performance on a wide variety of lables.This common wax ribbon designed to operate at low energy,and the high sensitivity ink gives excellent print density and definition.
resine ribbon
Wax ribbon- Premium wax ribbon SW203
wax ribbon SW203 is our star product.It has everything you expect from the premium wax ribbon.It has excellent scrath resistance and versatility.If you need a very high performance wax to replace the expensive Japanese or American products,this is the good choice.
wax/resin ribbon Wax ribbon-Imported material ITW B220
wax ribbon ITW B220 is the one of the hot selling wax ribbon in the world.It has very high quality consistence,high blackness.Though its scratch resistance is not as good as LR13 it is a zero defects products,very suitable to high requirement clients.